Everyone has that box of Christmas ornaments that are brought out every year. We've got a box that keeps getting bigger every season. Our  tree is full of toys and figurines. Here are a few favorites from the Love's tree this year.

The one above is my favorite. It was a gift from my Mom about 30 years ago. The radio gives periodic updates on Santa's location. It looks like the little AM radio is tuned to our WBKR sister station in Owensboro--WOMI 1490

There is a lot going on in that one .Evidently the little bear and penguins are decorating a snowman. One of the penguins has given up his scarf and hat to keep the snowman warm. Has anyone told the little penguin that the snowman is made of snow and doesn't need clothing?

This one appears to be a polar bear sizing up a penguin to see if he should be invited to Christmas dinner. Or be Christmas dinner.


This nice snowperson has come up with a bag of seed to feed the cardinals. The snowperson may regret this when the friendly birds leave a few deposits on it's head.

This is an interesting ornament consisting of a reproduction of a box of ornament bulbs from the 1950's.

The little bear is insisting on reading "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and the little doll is thinking it over.

Thanks for looking. If you have any special ornaments you want to share, please take a photo and attach it.