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When a man turns into a dad, something happens to his sense of humor. What might have gotten him dates, or had him making his friends laugh their heads off, suddenly turns corny. It's crazy how it happens, but it can be hilarious. The things we do to entertain our kids, right?

National Joke Day was this week, so I thought I would try to find the very best Dad Jokes. Here are my seven favorites.

These Dad Jokes Are Actually Kinda Hilarious

My dad was, and is still hilarious. His brand of humor is not so much corny, but full of B.S. As a child, I never knew if he was joking or just really clueless. He would use the wrong words for things. Like he would say he had, ESPN, instead of ESP. If he was trying to convince you he was all that he would say he was, suave and debonair, instead of debonair. He would even try and convince you he was ambidextrous by telling you he was, amphibious.

Throughout our childhood, we learned impeccable comedic timing and quick wit from our dad. We learned how to work a crowd and have them eating out of the palm of your hand, It was the best kind of training for the work I do today, even with his unique brand of dad jokes.



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