2020 has been a dumpster fire, but at least we had a few good songs!

Leslie Morgan and I were debating on country music the other day and we thought it would be fun to share with you are best and worst country songs of 2020. We will have a difference of opinion for sure, but that's the beauty of opinions...everyone has one...and hers are wrong (just kidding).

Let's think back on 2020. Forget about all of the craziness that happened in the world this year. We all know there was a lot of it. Let's just think about the country music that we were introduced to this year. There were several amazing hits this year. For the purpose of this list, we want to focus on singles that were on the charts in 2020.

That being said, I heard quite a few songs that weren't released as singles to radio in 2020. Luke Combs' songs "Forever After All" and "Cold As You" are the first to come to mind. I could listen to those songs on repeat and I wouldn't be surprised if he releases them as singles in 2021. If that's the case, you can expect to see both songs on this list next year. If you haven't heard these songs yet, click on the title of each and prepare to be amazed!

Now, to my list of the Best Country Songs of 2020. I'll say that some of these should come as no brainers to those who know me, but one in particular will come as a shock to many, as they know how I feel about this artist that comes in at number 10....I'm not proud of it, but I can't help that I kind of like the song. Anyway, without any further adieu, check out my list.

Ohhh and don't forget to check out the songs I picked as the Worst Country Songs of 2020 as well as Leslie's Best and Worst Country Songs Of 2020 too.

Best Country Songs of 2020 According To Travis

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