The City of Evansville is now home to a new mural. Located downtown, the new piece of artwork depicts pieces of Evansville history with images of the LST 325 and the P-47 Thunderbolt. That mural also just happens to have been created on the side of a building with a history all its own.

The new downtown artwork is the work of a collective of artists known as Often Seen Rarely Spoken Art, who specialize in large-scale murals like the one now located on the Old National Bank ONSD building located at 101 NW 4th Street. The mural is on the backside of the building, facing 5th street, just off Sycamore.

Featuring images of two pieces of Evansville's rich history - the LST 325 and the P-47 Thunderbolt - it's only fitting that the building itself is also part of the rich history of our city. The building located at 101 NW 4th Street has been a fixture of the downtown landscape for 100 years but in 1925, it housed a first for our country.

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That was the year that the Sears and Robuck Company opened its very first, stand-alone, brick-and-mortar storefront in the United States and they did it right here, in Evansville. Up until that point, the company's retail storefronts had been connected to their distribution warehouses and of course, most of their business was done via their mail-order catalogs. Think of it as analog-Amazon.

While technology has advanced and mail-order catalogs are a thing of the past, so are most Sears stores. The retailer was once the largest in the country but has continued to scale back, closing stores at a pretty consistent rate for a number of years now. According to Forbes, there are less than 30 Sears stores remaining across the country. While we don't know how much longer Sears will be around, we'd venture to bet that the mural on the building that once housed the first Sears store in the country will be around longer.

The new mural is now complete and the artists from Often Seen Rarely Spoken Art have released a video highlighting the installation process from beginning to end. Take a look at the video below to see how it all unfolds in the recap video below and then take a drive downtown and see it for yourself!

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