If you have ever been to Gatlinburg, TN, you probably have seen a black bear or two. You may have even had a black bear encounter. SIghtings from your car and around the resorts are not uncommon.

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While hiking or camping, sometimes these sightings and encounters can be very dangerous. Other times, if you are safely inside your cabin, the sightings can be downright hilarious.

Goldilocks needs to come to get her three bears because they're having too much fun

Many people that stay at one of the resorts in the mountains have seen bears right outside their windows, balconies, and decks. It happens all the time. One of my former students, while on vacation with her husband's family, saw three young black bear cubs, outside. They were playing on the hammock that was hanging in-between two trees beside the deck.

Cubs, like kids, are just trying to have some fun. It's so funny and cute, but also kinda scary because you know that Mama Bear is close by.

Casie posted this status on Facebook.

Goldilocks …please come get your three bears!  We’ve had the best entertainment outside our cabin in Gatlinburg this week! Video cred: brother-in-law!

What Should You Do If You Encounter A Bear?


If you are not inside of a cabin looking at the black bear through a window, but outside and face to face with one, according to wildlifeillinois.org, you should follow these very important, life-saving directions.

If you see a black bear, <strong>do not run</strong>. Do not surprise the bear. Make noise to ensure that the bear is aware of your presence. A black bear is not likely to attack a person unless it feels trapped or provoked. Respect the bear’s space, and do not approach the animal. If the bear sees you, stand your ground; look as large as possible by standing up straight and putting your arms up in the air, and slowly back away. If possible, go inside a building or get into a vehicle. Black bears display two types of behavior—defensive and offensive. A bear may swat at the ground or surrounding vegetation, lunge toward you, vocalize, blow air out of its mouth, or pop its jaws. These defensive behaviors are used to warn you to move away. Slowly back away from the bear. With offensive behavior, the bear will move toward you quickly. If you have food with you, drop the food, and keep moving away from the bear. If a black bear makes contact with you, always try to fight it off. <strong>Do not play dead.</strong>

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