A note to all young basketball players who think they have skills; if you think you can stuff a Victor Oladipo dunk at the rim, you will be wrong, and you will be embarrassed for all the world to see on a continuous loop.

That's exactly what happened at a recent summer camp the former Indiana University and recently acquired Oklahoma City Thunder guard was hosting. You see, one of these young bucks who is probably the king of his high school team's court let his ego get in the way of sound decision-making when he challenged Oladipo to try and dunk on him. The NBA star was more than happy to oblige and put the kid in his place.

I don't fault the kid for being confident in his abilities, we've all thought we could do something we couldn't (usually after a few drinks), but a little slice of humble pie might serve this young man well before he decides to write another check he can't cash.

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