Chocolate. Candy. Flowers. You could do much better for Valentine's Day gifts and you know it. These gifts are so ordinary. But even though they aren't the best choice for your Valentine, they certainly aren't the worst.

A few years ago, people on Twitter shared the worst presents you can give that special someone using the hasthag #BadValentinesDayGifts. These are too bad to be true, which makes them better because they ARE true.

So, take a look at these bad presents and take heart that whatever you get from your special someone is probably SO much better than any of these awful, yet hilarious  gifts.

Can you believe these?!?!? WOW.

I can remember two times that I received a Valentine's Day fail.

The first was with my first husband. Even though we are divorced, I can say that my ex-husband was usually very thoughtful. He was know to give gifts that were thought out and themed. But, he did miss the mark one V-Day.

He got me a food chopper and a hand blender. As I looked at him with questioning eyes, he explained that he thought it would make the preparation of our holiday diner and drinks easier. I know he thought the gifts were a good idea, and in a sense, they were, but not romantic at all. We did have a great dinner and drinks, though.

The other gift that comes to mind, wasn't a gift at all. It was what I didn't get. Yep, I woke up on the first dating Valentine's Day with Quenton, to nothing, I had an awesome gift bag all ready for him. It was full of fun and sexy gifts. Nothing in the bad was expensive, but its the thought that counts. Right? But, I got nothing all day.That is when I found out he doesn't make a big deal out of the yearly day of love. HAHA. Good to know.

By the way, he has since changed his views on Valentine's Day.  ;-)

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