Michael Ray and Carly Pearce have been doing a lot of flirting on social media as of late. My friend Mandy brought this to my attention, and we both agree that Michael and Carly have something going on. Maybe they are just flirting, or maybe they are actually dating. Either way, it has been the talk of the town the past few days:

Now normally I don't get into the celebrity gossip, however, since Michael Ray has played our St. Jude Concert Series the past two years and Carly Pearce did here first ever radio interview with WKDQ, I have a vested interest in these two! They are putting it out there, but are they just messing with us or are they already dating and just haven't made it Instagram official yet? All questions were answered last night by the two. However, before we get to that, check out some of the flirting between Michael and Carly on Instagram.

Carly Pearce Instagram


And here is they conversation they had on the photo above:

Michael Ray Instagram


Well the two finally made it official last night on social media. Michael and Carly both posted the same photo with the caption that reads "One random night at the Nashville Palace changed everything." There you have it, my theory, along with many others' was correct. All of that flirting back and forth on social media wasn't just for show. They are actually dating. Congratulations you two...now, I think a duet is in order....