A kiss is an intimate and personal way of show affection. I know that whether I'm kissing my husband, my kids or my granddaughter, a kiss makes me feel better. I really never knew the reason, I just felt a sense of calm, security, peace and happiness.

When my kids were little, I would kiss my them all the time. I even made up a game called the Kissing Game. Basically, you would have to shut your eyes and kiss the other person. Each kiss counts as a certain number of points. (100 points for a peck on the lips, 50 points for the cheek, 25 points for the forehead, 10 for the chin) My game was a kissing version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The game served several purposes, to help the count, to learn to follow directions and to get me some sweet little kisses.

My kids have been super competitive since day one, so they would always peek to get the most points, so that meant I got lots of kisses on the lips. I would always loose, but yet always win.

As you know, I am very free with my hugs and with those close to me, my kisses too. I saw this post on FB and it made perfect sense to me, Now there is just visual proof of what a kiss can do.

I love this pic so much. It proves how importance of touch, specifically a kiss. Show your babies all kinds of love, the benefits are great.

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