An Evansville mother is hoping that the public can find it in their heart to donate and help offset the exorbitant expense involved in helping her 19-year-old son, Aiden to undergo extensive dental restoration and reconstruction after a horrific car accident left him with numerous long-lasting injuries.

The Blink of an Eye

Aiden Mercer is a 2021 graduate of Evansville's North High School and had plans to attend DuPaw University to play football in the fall of the same year. However, in the blink of an eye, Aiden's life, and the lives of his family changed forever.

Countless Medical Treatments

On July 27, 2021, the then 18-year-old, and his little brother, were involved in a terrible car accident on Highway 57 near Baseline Road, leaving Aiden with life-threatening injuries. Aiden suffered numerous broken bones in his arm, leg, back, jaw, and skull and he sustained a traumatic brain injury that was expected to leave him permanently disabled. His mother Jess Mendel says, however, that Aiden is "doing tremendously well."

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Praying for Aiden via Facebook
Praying for Aiden via Facebook

Blood Donations Helped Save Aiden

In the days since the accident, Aiden has undergone countless medical treatments, including an initial transfusion of 14 pints of blood to stabilize him enough to be airlifted to Louisville to undergo further treatment. In a post to the Praying for Aiden Facebook Group, his mom shared a recent blood donation she had made in Aiden's honor, saying,

I owe my sons life to blood products and it will take me a long time to repay the red cross for the 14 units of various blood products he was given before being flown to Louisville


Still More Healing

It has been nearly a year since the accident, but Aiden's journey of healing isn't over yet. He continues to undergo treatments and surgeries. Most recently the family learned that even after ten months time, his left leg is still broken and he will be undergoing another surgery in the coming weeks. As you can imagine, the cost of the medical care Aiden has undergone has been quite expensive for his family.

Praying for Aiden via Facebook
Praying for Aiden via Facebook

What's Next for Aiden

Aiden plans to continue with his pursuit of a college degree, athletics, and a career but the family says there is one thing that would really help to put the events of that day in July 2021 behind him.

Asking for Assistance

Despite more surgeries on the horizon, Aiden has made a recovery that is nothing short of miraculous considering the extent of the injuries he sustained but there is one thing that the family would like to help Aiden with regarding his recovery and they need your help.

Praying for Aiden via Facebook
Praying for Aiden via Facebook

A Smile That Can Light Up a Room

Aiden experienced the loss of many of his teeth as a result of the physical trauma from the accident. The young Evansville man will require extensive and very costly dental work to restore his smile.

There are a few challenges ahead before this life altering day can be put behind him, and that includes extensive and very expensive dental work. Have you ever seen a 19 yr old wear dentures? It is heartbreaking to say the least. Between the oral surgeon and dentist, we have been told that the bill will be north of $30-40,000 to provide him with permanent restoration.

You Can Help

The family has started a Go Fund Me in hopes of raising enough money to help Aiden restore his smile. They still have a long way to go having raised less than $3,000 of the $50,000 goal. If you would like to help Aiden get his smile back, you can donate here.

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