It never fails…every time I decide I want breakfast I can’t think of any place to go other than Denny’s. So I always try to keep my finger on the pulse of the whereabouts of little local diners and cafes that I can choose to run to whenever the urge for an old fashion country breakfast arises.

My latest discovery is a nice little family restaurant in Newburgh, Indiana called the Rose Hill Café (formerly Taste of Perfection)…and they serve breakfast all day starting at 6AM.

It took me longer than I anticipated to decide what I wanted to order because not only did they have the breakfast I wanted, they also had a few lunch sandwiches that I wanted to try. Too much variety is the true peril for any food critic. You can’t just order one thing and hope for the best. You have to try just enough of everything to gain some perspective, but not enough to make you full and miserable by the time you leave. For the record, I failed.

Before our food came out the owners, Mark and Cindy Schmitt, sent out some homemade blackberry cobbler and some pecan pie to our table. For some reason the idea of having my dessert first stifled me, and because I was apparently suffering from a high level of disorientation I simply forgot to take any pictures. You’re just going to have to trust me this time…both desserts were as good as they looked!

Then came our food. Now, I’m not entirely sure what was really going on with my mental state yesterday. I would like to say that I made some interesting selections from the menu. Others would say, and they did, that I was insane. Because not only did I order the Biscuits and Gravy, Hash browns, and a Classic Reuben, but I also ordered a Hamburger called the Hot Haus.

This thing came with a warning label! Yet for some reason I still felt the need to peruse it with reckless intent. This may have been a mistake on my part. A person with a little common sense would not dare think they could eat a Cheeseburger covered with jalapeno peppers, pepper jack cheese, Cajun spices, and about a half cup of hot sauce without there being some repercussion. Still I did it anyway. It was really good, but in retrospect I should have probably gone with something a little tamer. The Reuben was excellent, and the breakfast food was just how you would expect it to be at a classic style café…



My appraisal: The Rose Hill Café is a good choice for anyone looking for classic diner fare in a family atmosphere. They serve an exceptional country style breakfast, and I feel like that is a great benefit to the people of Newburgh since there aren’t many options in the community for a sit down breakfast. The prices are extremely reasonable and their portions are larger than most, which may or may not be hazardous to your health!

Rose Hill Café is officially in my breakfast Rolodex…currently filed under “G” for Gluttony!



Located at: 8133 ROSE HILL RD, NEWBURGH, IN 47630

Phone: 812-853-8443