This dad deserves some kind of award for what he did to make his daughter feel better at school...Adam Sandler style. I'm sure you have seen the movie Billy Madison. Remember that scene where the kid pees himself and Billy helps him out by splashing water on his own pants so it looks like he peed his too?

Well a situation similar to this happened in real life, and it is going viral. A guy named Ben Sowards from  Enoch, Utah learned that his six-year-old daughter, Valerie had an "accident" at school last week. She was so embarrassed, and like any good parent, he wanted to do whatever he could to make her feel better.

So before he went to pick her up from school, he splashed a bunch of water on the front of his own pants so she wouldn't feel alone and ashamed. He then walked into the school office with his his pants soaking wet, and asked Valerie if he could use her backpack to cover up his "accident."

This guy is currently a front runner for Father Of The Year! His strategy worked. Valerie got a good laugh out of it and felt so much better as a result. Her sister posted a few photos on Twitter and now they've been going viral.

With all of the negativity we see in the world, it's about time we got a feel good story like this one!



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