Leave it up to a beer company to come up with an innovative and controversial way for beer lovers to get some extra time in at the bar. The Andes Teletransporter booth is a fantastically naughty sound proof cheater booth strategically placed in night clubs in Argentina.

The object of the Andes Teletransporter booth is to give your spouse the impression that you are somewhere else, maybe at the doctor’s office, or even at a Bar Mitzva, by emanating sound that fits the bill. Watch the video ‘cause it’s absolutely hilarious.

"Babe, You won't believe what's happened to me. I've accidentally slipped into a sound proof booth in the club and now  I'm hoping you'll believe that I'm in a traffic jam." Hahaha!

My luck, I'd hit multiple buttons by mistake and have to try to explain why I'm at a Bar Mitzfa, in the hospital.

and just in case you're think this is just a joke-of-a-marketing ploy, it's real and has been placed in multiple countries. It has yet to hit the US though.

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