Because of the devastating economic blow that COVID-19 put on businesses, millions of Americans found themselves out of work. At that time, any of those people applied for a $600 a week unemployment benefit. For months, they have been relying on the money to survive and pay their bills. But unfortunately, the weekly checks are coming to an end and sooner than expected. The checks were supposed to continue until July 31st, but they are now coming to an end end a week earlier.

The reason? It boils down to timing. Because July 31st is on a Friday and the state unemployment systems ends their week on the weekend and pay only full weeks, the last full week for a payout will be on July 26th. Its a glitch in the system and the wording of the legislation that will be hard for many people.

Cases of COVID-19 are rising around the county and evan local business are reporting more employees exposure to the virus. It would appear that we as a county are not in a good position to take this weekly benefit away just yet. I know it’s only a week difference form the original date. But, another week of $600 means an incredible about to a family in need.

This is yet another reason, if you are able, you need to give and support our local charities that help these families. Soon, charities like United Caring Services, Community Action of Evansville, Evansville Rescue Mission, Aurora, Salvation Army, Tristate Food Bank, and so many more, will be all these families have to turn to.

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