It can be a little tricky keeping older kids entertained when they are stuck indoors because it's too cold to go outside. They're too old to color in coloring books, do an art project, or whatever, but too young to hop in the car and drive themselves somewhere (and probably too poor). Fortunately, we do have a few indoor options for entertainment in and around the Tri-State they'll enjoy (of course they'll never tell you they enjoy it, because teenagers).

Swimming at Lloyd Pool


This probably isn't the first or tenth thing you'd think of when trying to find something to do with the kids in the middle of Winter, so let this serve as a reminder that Lloyd Pool on North First Avenue just past Central High School is the only indoor pool in the Tri-State and is pen 10 months of the year for public swimming. Check out their website for hours of operation and cost per person.

Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park

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Along the same lines as swimming, a water park during the Winter likely isn't on your activities list. But Big Splash Adventure in French Lick should be because it's indoors and climate controlled. Granted, this likely isn't a day trip idea (although it could be). It will require a little advance planning. Their website will tell you everything you need to know about stopping by for a visit.

Bowling / Arcade / Movies All in One

(Deb Turner)

Showplace Cinemas Newburgh gives you several options for some indoor fun on these cold winter days. Catch a movie, play video games or Laser Tag in the arcade, go bowling, or do all of it in one day. Whatever floats your boat. Check out their website for movie times and rates.

Ice Skating at Swonder

(Townsquare Media)

Chances are if you're looking for something to do outside the house in the Winter, you're probably thinking something a warmer than the temperature outside. Swonder won't give you that, but it will give you a fun couple of hours. They even offer skating lessons if you've never tried before. Just make sure to bundle up a little bit. Check out their website for hours and cost.

Ax Throwing at Plaid & Timber

(Ryan O'Bryan)

If you were to write down your own list of things to do in the Winter, swimming would like make that list before ax throwing, and until recently you had to be 18 or over to do it. However, Evansville's only indoor range, Plaid & Timber announced they will now feature "Family Days" once a month where anyone over 13 can give the sport a try as long as a parent or legal guardian is present. According to their announcement video on Facebook, reservations are required (no just "showing up") with a cost of $20 per person for a one hour session. Check out their Facebook page to learn more. My wife and I really enjoyed it when we went a month or two back, and plan on stopping by to give it another go sometime down the road.


That's just a few thought starters as we all wait patiently (or impatiently) for warmer temperatures to return so we can enjoy the outdoors again.

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