With Summer half over already, it's time to reflect on what we love/hate about this awesome and hot time of year.

Tristate's 5 Best Things About Summer 

1. Watching my son splash in the pool! He makes the sticky days worth it - Karen


2. Favorite part of summer ...my daughter works so she isn't asking me for money LOL she works up at Holiday world. - April

3. Love going to all the County 4-H Fairs!!! All the events, looking at animals, projects and fair food. - Reenie

4. My favorite part is that it's not ice cold winter!!! - Casey

5. No school!!!! - Brande


Tristate's 5 Worst Things About Summer

1. Construction, or the baking smell of sewage on my drive home. Bring on fall lol - Matt

2. None of it really. To many bugs, I hate being hot, and my kids want to stay up to late because it's still light outside at 9. I like cold weather. - Emily


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