An Indiana University student thought he was being pulled over by police but it turned out to be aliens.

Thanks to the Mirror in the U.K., an alien abduction story that an Indiana Hoosier posted on Reddit 10 years ago is getting a lot of attention again.  The man claiming that he was on his way home from I.U. to see his family for the weekend has since deleted his Reddit profile making it impossible to reach him for comment.  The alleged incident happened just North of La Porte, Indiana.

Scene of alleged alien abduction
Google Maps and Canva
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The Indiana man claims that he saw flashing lights behind him so he pulled over and got his registration out of his glove box when he realized there were no police cars in sight.  In fact, at 10:53 AM, he found himself to be the only person for miles on this old country road.

Scene of alleged alien abduction
Google Maps and Canva

A few minutes later the Indiana man claims that he began experiencing things that felt like they were from all of the classic UFO movies,

The radio was randomly changing stations while the volume kept going up and down and the dome light and headlights started to flicker and turn off and back on. This was at 10:56 pm.

This is where it gets weird.  The man sees incredibly bright lights and all of a sudden, he says that he woke up in the middle of a cornfield.  He sees headlights at a distance and he starts walking.  When he got to the intersection of 350N and 50W he realized that the headlights were from his car and he was at least half a mile from his car which was the last place he remembered being before mysteriously ending up in the middle of the cornfield.

N 50 W & W 350 N La Porte, Indiana
Google Street View and Canva

When the Indiana man got back to his car and found his phone, he found out that it was 2:17 AM.  Which would mean that he lost a little over 3 hours.  The man goes on to say that he doesn't expect anyone to believe his story because if someone told him the same story he wouldn't believe it either.  Check out the full story on Reddit by clicking here.

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