There are several well-known facts about our hometown of Evansville. For example, we know Don Mattingly, Lilly King, Bob Griese, and a couple more famous faces were born and raised here before life took them outside the city limits to become household names. But, Evansville has been around for over 200 years and over the course of that time, the city has had its fair share of contributions to the world, some lesser-known than others, and many I'll assume you had no idea about.

Like many residents in our corner of the state, I have lived in Evansville since the day I was born back in November of 1976. Over those years, I've learned a thing or two about the city I call home. The obvious ones are the aforementioned famous people that I (and you) can count as fellow residents, along with the storied history and the important role we played in World War II. An example of which sits on our riverfront in the form of the LST 325 landing ship. The other being the Evansville Wartime Museum on Petersburg Road just off Highway 41 near Evansville Regional Airport.

During a recent scroll through Facebook, I found out that over the course of our 200+ year history, our city once played big roles in manufacturing, left its mark on pop culture, and to this day, can claim unique features no other city in the can. Some of these you may know, and others you may have been completely clueless about like I was. So, sit back, read on, and get ready to have your mind blown.

25 Hidden Evansville Secrets That May Blow Your Mind

An Evansville resident recently posted a question in the "I Grew Up in Evansville, Indiana" Facebook group asking other members to share any hidden or little-known facts about our city not many residents would know. The answers were wide-ranging, covering everything from our manufacturing history to our place in Civil War, to a couple of popular landmarks still standing today that were the first in the entire state of Indiana. No matter how long you've lived here, chances are there will be a few things on this list you didn't know about the city we call home.

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