You may remember back in 2017 when the tri-state lost its mind over a solar eclipse. Well, get ready because that same level of lunacy and excitement is going to make a return in 2024 and it might be even bigger!

Evansville was not in the path of totality on August 21, 2017, for what was nicknamed 'The Great American Eclipse,' meaning that our geographical location here in Evansville did not put us in a position to see the moon completely block the sun from the sky for a total eclipse. We were on the fringes of the path of totality. Even so, there were plenty of us who were looking to the sky, with our protective glasses, of course, to watch the solar eclipse.

A total solar eclipse takes place when the moon passes between the earth and sun. NASA describes a solar eclipse like this,

When the Sun's light is blocked by the Moon, it is an eclipse of the Sun. It is also called a solar eclipse. This kind of eclipse happens when the Moon moves in just the right place between the Sun and Earth.
A solar eclipse happens during the daytime. The daylight grows dim. If you are in the right place on Earth, the Moon blocks almost all of the sunlight. The Moon's shadow falls on Earth. Daytime can look as dark as night during a solar eclipse.

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If you're like me and the idea of seeing such a breathtaking celestial event has you giddy with excitement, you're not alone! The Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau is already preparing for the next total eclipse on April 8, 2024. They've even launched a new Facebook page called Eclipseville, Indiana, and a new landing page on their tourism website, The city of Evansville will be in the path of totality with the full eclipse expected to last about 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

While it should go without saying, you should never, ever stare directly at the sun with the naked eye. Viewing a solar eclipse requires special solar glasses, filters, or viewers to protect your eyes. One thing is for sure though, Evansville will become Eclipseville for a brief period of time on April 8, 2024, and the countdown is on!

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