Most of us, myself included, have called Evansville, Indiana home our entire lives. Even though my current home sits in Newburgh, if someone asks where I live or where I'm from, I'll say Evansville. Maybe it's force of habit, but I did live there for the first 41 years of my life. Or, maybe it's because it will always be home no matter where I live. Whatever the reason, you and I aren't the only people who can say we're from "Evansville". Sixteen other states across America, as well as Canada, have an Evansville in them too.

A Brief History of Evansville, Indiana

The city was originally named McGary's Landing by a man named Hugh McGary following his purchase of the land in 1812. In 1814, he changed it to Evansville in honor of a Colonel in the War of 1812, Robert Morgan Evans, who was also a legislator in Gibson County, with the hope his notoriety would draw more people to the area. The city was incorporated in 1817 and became the county seat for Vanderburgh County in January of 1818.

How Evansville, Indiana Compares to Other Towns Named Evansville

If I may toot our own horn before we take our virtual road trip to the other towns that bear the same name, our Evansville is by far the largest of them all. As of 2020, 117,298 of us live within the city limits (180,136 total live in all of Vanderburgh County). Go us!

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Now then, let's hit the road and visit at the other Evansville's out there.

Meet the 16 Other Towns Named Evansville in the World

Towns named, Evansville are scattered all across North America from the north to the south to th east to the west and everywhere in between.

25 Hidden Evansville Secrets That May Blow Your Mind

An Evansville resident recently posted a question in the "I Grew Up in Evansville, Indiana" Facebook group asking other members to share any hidden or little-known facts about our city not many residents would know. The answers were wide-ranging, covering everything from our manufacturing history to our place in Civil War, to a couple of popular landmarks still standing today that were the first in the entire state of Indiana. No matter how long you've lived here, chances are there will be a few things on this list you didn't know about the city we call home.

Then & Now - Evansville's Washington Square Mall Through the Years

Evansville is home to a lot of unique buildings including the first enclosed retail shopping center in Indiana. Yes, our very own Washington Square Mall was the place to be when it opened in 1963. If you walk through the mall today, you would never guess how alive the shops were, even through the 1980s. Enjoy this walk down memory lane I've put together, and maybe someday there will be new life inside 5011 Washington Ave.

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