Living to be 108 is an achievement. If I want to make it there, I think I am headed in the right direction.

Seeing as my birthday is in a mere eleven days, I think about the last 28 years. Well 27, I still have a few days before the big 2-8! I have done a lot, been to crazy but fun places, experienced the best things of my young adult life. One thing I have not done is think about what the secret to living is. I guess with being "young" you don't really thing about it. We are all just "living our best life" right?

For Dorothy Flowers,108-years-old is an amazing accomplishment. This woman is as tough as nails. I am not even 30 and throw my back out at least 3 times a year. How did she do you might ask? Well genetically of course! Oh, and don't forget champagne, chocolate and race horses. Dorothy sounds like an extremely fun person to hang out with.

According to Yahoo, "Dorothy Flowers celebrated her birthday last week with a mind-blowing 654 birthday cards and numerous bottles of champagne."

Happy Birthday, Dorothy!

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