It's Spring, which means YARD SALES!! If you enjoy browsing through someone else's throw aways in hope that you find your treasure, you know that sometimes things happen at yard sales that just shouldn't. They are NO-NO's!  Whether you are having one or shopping at one, there are things not to do or stay away from.

I asked my FB friends to tell me the absolutely NOTS of yard saling and here are the top 10 (some of these are hilarious!)

  1. Make eye contact
  2. Never eat the free cookies
  3. Don't mess the clothes up
  4. Pay more than they are asking
  5. Ask for a return
  6. Never try and talk them down on an item listed at $.50
  7. Don't steal
  8. Put things in a big box, nobody wants to dig
  9. Never take someone who hates yard sales
  10. NEVER try on or buy underwear

OMG!! Too hilarious. I love my funny friends, Thanks, guys!

**Probably shouldn't have brought my dog either (pictured above), but she's very social** LOL 



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