Valentine’s Day Gifts to Avoid At All Cost
Guys, It is that time of year to start thinking about the dreaded Vaentine's Day gift. I know you feel a lot of pressure on Valentine's Day to make sure you get the right gift, but understand there are a lot of gifts out there that on the surface sound like a great idea, but in reality, no…
Full Moon Optical Illusion [Video]
Whenever there is a full moon, have you ever noticed how big the moon looks in the night sky? In most cases it looks gigantic, but in reality it is not. If you were to snap a picture of that 'huge' moon, it would be much smaller in the photo.
Traffic Light Camera Scam Could Cost You – What Camera?
We have all seen the little cameras on top of traffic signal arms and they can be somewhat annoying. It is possible to escape a fine because the camera failed to catch you, but if you are caught, you will probably pay the fine without even thinking about it. That is exactly what scammers are ho…
Flowing Water Optical Illusion – Amazing
Optical illusions are fun and some are just flat out freaky. Sometimes you might wonder who comes up with these things, but either way they are a lot of fun. It is amazing what can appear to happen simply by looking at something. This illusion is a great example...
Father And Son Bond While catching A Monster In Alaska
This past Father's Day was a good one for Chad and Ronnie Aldridge as they fished the day away in Homer, Alaska. Chad was using 80-pound test line on the morning's first stop. He was reeling in his line to move to another location. "All of a sudden my line just stopped, then I felt the head sha…
Tips On Saving Fuel This Summer
Gasoline is at an all time high right now in terms of price. In fact, Indiana is in the top 5 of the most expensive fuel in the country. Trying to get the best fuel economy with your driving habits might be easier than you think. The following tips from should help you even thoug…
She’s Had The Same Bank Account For 98 Years
When June Gregg finds something that works for her, she sticks with it.
The Chillicothe, Ohio woman, who recently turned 100, has defied the volatile nature of today's financial world by using the same savings account at the same bank since 1913.
The ‘Check Engine’ Light is on – What To Do
If you are like most of us, at some point you have been in your car just as happy as you can be and then all of a sudden....BAM, your check engine light is on and of course your immediate reaction is something serious has just happened to your car; well, not necessarily.
Family Finds Alot Of Cash In New Home
You purchase a new home and while walking through it you discover something hanging from an attic door, you go check it out and find several old WW 2 ammunition boxes stuffed with cash, lots of cash. Now comes maybe the biggest dilema in your life, what to do with that cash.

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