The very symbol of this country is the American Bald Eagle and it is also on the logo for the United States Postal Service. How ironic is it that bald eagles are attacking people near a post office in Dutch Harbor, Alaska? That is exactly what is happening and in one case an eagle dive-bombed a customer and actually drew blood. This is not unusual when you consider the very nature of these birds especially when they are protecting their young. These eagles are raising newly hatched chicks for the second consecutive year at this postal branch. The eagles are trying to chase people off in order to keep their chicks safe and human interaction anywhere near the nest is perceived by the birds as a threat. According to, two people were attacked just last week and it has gotten so scary, authorities are posting signs advising people about the potential danger posed by the eagles. According to authorities, bald eagles have quite a history of attacking this particular post office. It is interesting to note that bald eagles are not and have never been protected in Alaska under the Endangered Species Act because their populations there have been healthy enough to stay off the endangered list. The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States and they are protected under special federal laws. It is extremely difficult to move an occupied nest unless there is a clear and present danger to human life. There is really nothing the residents can do except to be on guard and pay attention to the signs. It is kind of comforting in a way knowing these birds go to great lengths to protect what they love, their young and our country in a cool sort of way, don't you think?