You purchase a new home and while walking through it you discover something hanging from an attic door, you go check it out and find several old WW 2 ammunition boxes stuffed with cash, lots of cash. Now comes maybe the biggest dilema in your life, what to do with that cash. Some people might say finders keepers, others might think long and hard about how that cash might have gotten there and what it represented to the person who put it there. You would hate to think that cash was hidden after a robbery or a big bank heist and you wouldn't want to spend it in fear of the bills serial numbers being flagged at your point of purchase. We like to think that people are basically good and that might motivate us to dig a little deeper as to the origin of that money. That was exactly the dilema of a Salt Lake City family when they found more than $40,000 cash in the attic of their newly purchased home. To read what the family did with the money from, click here.