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Man Returns Money He Stole 70 Years Ago With Interest [Video]
Every so often, a story comes along that has to be shared and this is one of those stories. Parents are always trying to teach their kids to do the right thing, be honest and own up to your mistakes. Share with them the story of an elderly man who walked into a Seattle area Sears store recently and …
Santa, LeBron And D-Wade Christmas Day
The NBA lockout is over, for now anyway as owners and players reach a tentative agreement. The tentative deal was signed on Saturday and the season will start with a triple-header on Christmas Day. The deal was reached after a marathon 15-hour bargaining session after 149 days of the lockout.
Snakes On A Plane…I Mean On A Train
Imagine riding on a train and feeling something under your seat that turns out to be a canvas bag. You look in the bag to find several King Cobra snakes staring back at you....OMG!