Imagine riding on a train and feeling something under your seat that turns out to be a canvas bag. You look in the bag to find several King Cobra snakes staring back at you....OMG! That is exactly what happened on a passenger train in Vietnam and needless to say the panic that ensued was nothing like railway officials in that country had ever seen before. According to officials in Vietnam, the exact number of snakes is not known, but there were four bags each weighing over 100 pounds. Fortunately, for all of the passengers, the snake's mouths were stitched shut and nobody was bitten even though the deadly snakes were very much alive. It is believed the snakes were headed to a restaurant in Hanoi. Snake meat is considered a delicacy in Vietnam, but cobras are protected under the law. Their owner escaped in the chaos and is not likely to come forward. Samuel L. Jackson, where are you when we need you??