Joe Frazier, one of the most dominant forces in boxing history has died at the age 67. It was just days ago that it was announced by Frazier's business representative that the former Heavyweight Champ had liver cancer and had entered hospice. Known to the world as Smokin' Joe Frazier, he dominated the sport from 1968-1973 winning 32 fights, 27 by knockout. He lost only four times, twice to Muhammad Ali and twice to George Foreman. It was during a Foreman fight that Howard Cosell made one of the most famous calls in boxing when he said, 'down goes Frazier!"

Frazier participated in some of the greatest bouts the sport has ever known like his 1971 meeting with Ali at Madison Square Garden, which Frazier won by decision giving him the heavyweight crown. The two met again in October of 1975 in one of the most hyped fights ever, the Thrilla in Manilla, which Ali won when Frazier failed to come out for the 15th round.

Joe Frazier was a great champion and was always a class act when boxing wasn't so classy. He will be missed and was a one a one of a kind boxer. See the famous Cosell call against Foreman below.