Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana has the number rated wooden roller-coaster in the world, but they don't have anything like this, at least not yet. Thorpe Park outside of London is about to roll out a brand new coaster called the 'The Swarm' and this is unlike any coaster you have ever seen and has actully ripped limbs off crash-test dummies....whoa! This is what they call a "winged" ride leaving the arms and legs of riders dangling freely on the floorless ride and featuring an inverted drop of 127 feet that includes the illusion that riders will actually strike buildings......totally awesome!!!

After the crash test dummies were destroyed they brought in some military fighter pilots to serve as the first live riders and guess what? That's right....they got SICK!!! One pilot described the ride as "gut-wrenching" and the near-miss elements were "eye-watering." Which means he was screaming like a schoolgirl...LOL.

Another pilot said, "You really do feel as if you are going to crash into the structures." The ride travels at 62 miles per hour and all I can say is SIGN ME UP FOR THAT!!! I'm sure the 'hurl factor' for this ride is off the charts!