Thanksgiving is here and that means traveling, which is hard enough. Traveling with children is even more difficult and exasperating plus, if you are flying, most other adults on the flight would rather NOT see your kids. More and more airlines are segregating families with small children to the back of the plane, which is becoming known as the 'baby ghetto'.Business travelers are the primary customer base of most airlines and according to a recent survey, three quarters of all business travelers cite dealing with children as the most irritating thing about flying. Customers appear divided on the new policies, with some saying it's a welcome and overdue relief, while others are crying discrimination.

To be fair, parents flying with kids already have enough to deal with and certainly don't need other passengers telling them how to deal with their children. Airlines are no longer guaranteeing that families will sit together, especially since most flights anymore are fully booked or even overbooked.

In today's world you have to ask yourself what's worse, sitting near a screaming child with a parent there to help calm them down, or flying next to an unaccompanied child? Maybe airlines could adopt a no children section in the same way some restaurants offer non-smoking sections? Food for thought this holiday season, happy Thanksgiving and happy traveling.