Would you continue to use your iPad if you knew it was bad for you? Well, according to a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health, using your iPad for long periods of time will mess up your posture and could injure some joints and muscles. The good news is that if you are using a tablet device like the iPad, you are more inclined to move around as opposed to sitting at your desktop computer. That being said, tablet devices tend to create problems with the neck and shoulders, whereas, laptops cause issues with the hands and wrist.

According to the study, the worst thing you can do is stay in one position. When using a tablet, chances are you have the device in your lap, either holding it with your hand or resting it on a case of some kind forcing you to look down constantly and this is not good for your neck and shoulders.

The best position is considered to be what they call the table-movie position, which involves resting the tablet at a steep angle on a table. This is the best to keep your posture in a neutral position.

 So, stop hunching over, move around a little and don't stay in one

position the entire time and you will be much better off.