In the Tri-State, gas prices have reached unbelievable levels, but one town’s gas prices have apparently gotten so high the mayor has gotten fed up with pumping money into the pumps.

That mayor is Tim Baldermann of New Lenox, Illinois, and he’s called for a boycott of the gas stations in his suburban town.

Just like the discrepancy in the Evansville, Henderson and Owensboro gas prices, he and other residents noticed the prices at the pump in New Lenox were quite a bit  higher compared to other nearby cities. A gallon of gasoline at the local BP in New Lenox costs $4.19, but the same brand in nearby Frankfort only costs $4.07 a gallon.

Baldermann said the gas companies told him the prices were set according to the local competition and couldn’t be moved as long as the competition remained so high. So he asked his citizens not to give the local gas stations any more money until the price drops.

He said,

The only way we can send a clear message to the companies is for our residents to shop elsewhere.

So far, it seems that citizens are more than willing to drive a few extra miles for gasoline. In fact, one resident  said she’s already started going to towns up to 12 miles away JUST to fill-up.