Well, I must admit defeat once again on my report, as last week I once again was not only wrong with my pick of who was going home, but also predicted Colton Dixon would win it all.  And he's gone.  This week I am not quitting.  I will still make my picks, and hope I'm right!

Most notable about last night's show was how well each contestant performed the Queen hits.  I thought it was kind of strange that the second song was a "pick your own."  I like it better when they're forced to pick inside a certain genre.  I still don't think Skylar has the chops to be a country star, but she's starting to turn my head, and the judges' as well.  She kicked butt on her Queen tune, "The Show Must Go On."

Maybe she will win this thing after all...time will tell.  On to the predictions (fingers crossed).

Safe For Sure:

Can't say that for anyone at this stage.

On The Fence:

Skylar - Her Queen song rocked.  Her version of "Tattoos On This Town" was ok, but still enough to make all the judges rave about her.

Joshua - I was really impressed with him on "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," as he finally showed some personality.  His performance of "Ready For Love" was good enough to bring the judges to their feet and I think America is with them this week at least for Joshua.

Hollie - I'm going out on a limb here, because she didn't pick the most familiar Queen song, but she did wow the crowd and me with Miley Cyrus's "The Climb"

Bottom 3:

Phillip - I am putting him in my new front-runner seat, but I do think he ends up in the bottom 3 tonight.  I loved "Fat Bottomed Girls" in his style, and agreed with the judges when they said he finally didn't sound like Dave Matthews...of course he had to go and sing Dave for song two, and a song that was unfamiliar, so he may be in trouble.

Jessica - After being saved a couple weeks ago, I'm not sure she wowed America last night.  I've seen a lot of great performances of "Bohemian Rhapsody" on Idol, and Jessica's just didn't have the swagger of some contestants, like say Kellie Pickler (not that I'm biased).  Here rendition of "Dance With My Father" was really good, but forgettable in the grand scheme of things.

Going Home:

Elise - I'll try again on this one.  I thought her choice of "I Want It All" from Queen was not the best, but she handled it well.  Totally agreed with Steven on her second song.  It's like she was trying to lose, singing a song nobody knows.  Back in Simon's day, he'd have called that "indulgent."  Time to go, Elise!