The below video is one of those things that just makes you cringe. The incident took place Wednesday night during a game between the Yankees and Texas Rangers when a foul ball was tossed into the stands by the outfielder. A kid being held by his father reaches for the ball, but the guy next to dad grabs it and the kid is not happy and cries hysterically. To make matters worse, the guy who grabbed the ball handed it to his female companion and she poses with the ball for a photo right in front of the crying child....are you kidding me???

Yankee announcer Michael Kay basically called the rude couple out which prompted someone in the Rangers dugout to get a ball up to the kid.

The guy who originally grabbed the ball eventually spoke to the kid and his parents and all seemed to be well, but when you watch this, it really looks like the woman is rubbing the kid's face in it. See for yourself and turn up the volume to hear Kay blast the couple.