I told you last week about Garth Brooks and his battle against a hospital in Oklahoma.   As a result, Brooks left court with a $1 million judgment in his favor.  Brooks said it was a matter of principle that he was suing Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital.  He had made a $500,000 donation to the hospital with the understanding that they would name a wing of the facility after his late mother.  When that didn't happen, Garth sued claiming the hospital big wigs were 'Shameless.'  OK, he didn't really say that, but I do believe he was in the right, especially wanting to honor his mother.  The $1 million he was awarded includes his original donation, plus punitive damages, according to Reuters.

Knowing Garth's character, now twice the money can be put toward a great cause, plus I'm positive there will be hospitals all over the country knocking down his door to name a wing after his mother.