I have been a wrestling fan since I was about 5 years old, and I can still remember watching as Hulk Hogan got robbed of his World Title by Andre the Giant, "The Million Dollar Man," and the evil twin referee. While this is one of my earliest memories of WWE/WWF, the roster of Superstars has turned over many times since that time. So, with WWE Supershow coming to the Ford Center on January 28th, I took a look at the current crop of WWE stars and picked my 10 favorite.

  • 1

    Chris Jericho

    Thanks to his return to WWE last Monday, I can include him on this list. Whether he's loved or hated, he's the best at doing it. Even if he's being loved so much, it makes you hate him (ie last Monday). Not only that, but he puts on some of the best matches you'll ever see. Welcome back Chris, and I hope we see you in Evansville!

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    Dolph Ziggler

    What can I say, I really have a soft spot for really good "bad guys." I know that sounds like a contradiction, but Dolph is just really good at being hated and I love that about him. He's also a heck of an athlete and when he gets beat up, he looks great doing it, thus making his opponent look even better than they are. I had a chance to interview Dolph last year before Wrestlemania and he has grown leaps and bounds since then.

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    CM Punk

    Punk comes from the files of the type a guy that doesn't usually make the top in the WWE. That being said, he's done that and then some, especially over the last 6 months. He has used his verbal skills to unveil the things that are wrong with the WWE. Obviously some fans agree with him, because he went from notorious "bad guy" to cheered hero in a matter of weeks. Now as WWE Champion, he will lead the charge of Superstars into Ford Center in the main event at the Ford Center.

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    The Undertaker

    There's not many Superstars on this list that can say I watched as a kid, but the "Deadman" certainly fits that mold. He's nearing the end of his run, appearing only a couple times a year, but when he does, you can bet people love it. He can still wrestle with the best in the world, and his entrance will give you chills every time!

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    Cody Rhodes

    Here's another son of a legendary wrestler. While Cody's dad, Dusty Rhodes was a hugely popular star in the 70's and 80's, Cody has taken the opposite route of being a "bad guy." He's a great "bad guy" and that's what I love. I loved him as the pompous, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and I love this monster of a character he has developed lately. He's the future of the WWE for sure.

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    Randy Orton

    I remember watching Randy's dad, "Cowboy" Bob Orton when I was a kid, including his role as manager in the main event at the very first Wrestlemania. When Randy came in to the WWE, I don't think many thought as a third generation wrestler, that he could live up to his dad and granddad, but he may have surpassed them, with multiple main events and championships to his credit at a very young age. Randy is currently out with a back injury, so it is unlikely he will appear at the Supershow, but I hope he returns soon.

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    Zack Ryder

    Just a year ago, it seemed that Zack would fall to the annual talent cuts that WWE is known to make. Thanks to his own self-promotion, he has become a star. In an age where so many people become famous via social media, Zack made his bosses and the world take notice with his YouTube show. For that reason alone, I salute him. The show caught on with fans and they demanded to see him on TV, and now he hold the US Title.

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    Ron Killings started his WWE career as the rapping "K-Kwik." He took a hiatus to join the Nashville-based Total Non-Stop Action as "The Truth," before returning to WWE as R-Truth. I have to say, his new "crazy" persona is great and has really made me enjoy his stuff these days.

  • 9

    Daniel Bryan

    Bryan is one of the last guys to come out of the gruelling independent circuit of wrestling. In the recent years, WWE has go most of their young talent from their training facilities in Louisville and now Tampa, so for a guy with world experience to end up in the big leagues and ultimately the champion is a big achievement. Another thing that places him on the list is that he was trained by my all-time favorite WWE star, Shawn Michaels.

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    He's been in and out of WWE the last few years, but he's always been a workhorse. He's a relatively small guy, that has made the most out of what he's been given and his nickname, "Captain Charisma" is rightfully deserved.