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John Cena Pranks Fans [VIDEO]
Watch as some of his fans think they are auditioning for a commercial about the WWE star when suddenly the real John Cena burst through the background, complete with trumpets blaring the theme music.
Win Front Row Tickets For WWE Supershow
The WWE Supershow is headed for the first time to the Ford Center in Evansville.  Stars from both of WWE's main programs, Raw and Smackdown will be on hand to do battle.  You have a chance to win front row seats for this huge event.
Eric’s Top Ten Current WWE Superstars
I have been a wrestling fan since I was about 5 years old, and I can still remember watching as Hulk Hogan got robbed of his World Title by Andre the Giant, "The Million Dollar Man," and the evil twin referee. While this is one of my earliest memories of WWE/WWF, the roster of Sup…