Wkdq and our sister stations at Townsquare media, recently took first prize in the annual charity Pizza King 'Strom Challenge'. Eating contests are all the rage right now and competitive eaters are very serious about what they do. I came across this video that might be the worst ever! Who doesn't like ranch dressing? We love to dip chips, vegetables, chicken wings and fig newtons (ok, maybe it's just me) into the creamy heavenly goodness. It is a good idea to eat ranch dressing in moderation and not too often, but these guys.....are you kidding me? These competitive eaters got together in Eugene, Oregon to see who could chug the most ranch dressing for $300. You would have to really love ranch dressing, not to mention have an iron stomach to chug 32 ounces of the stuff without losing it....literally! If you just ate lunch, you might want to wait a while before you watch this...I'm just sayin'.