Proposed Law Would Use GPS Tracker to Tax You
It was bound to happen eventually - being taxed for driving your car. Seems ridiculous, right? Well, a new law being proposed would use a GPS tracking device that would keep track of the total miles you drive and tax you accordingly.
Are You A DIYD? [POLL]
Maybe you have a cough that won't go away or you've found an unusual lump in a usually lump-less part of your body. You're worried -- could it be serious?
Tim McGraw Shares What Makes America a Great Place to Live
There’s no day quite like the Fourth of July to make Americans reflect on the freedoms and gifts we too often take for granted as citizens of the U.S.A. And nobody salutes the red, white and blue quite as often or as seriously as country music stars. In light of this year’s Independence Day, longtim…
Charlie Daniels Reacts to ‘Obamacare’ Healthcare Mandate
News that the Supreme Court upheld the national healthcare mandate — dubbed Obamacare — has angered some, delighted others and left a few country artists worried about the future of the United States. Charlie Daniels was quick to speak his mind on Twitter Thursday morning.
Would You Be In Favor Of Abolishing Property Taxes [Poll]
When you stop and think about it, as long as you pay property taxes, you never really own your home even if you payoff your mortgage. Property taxes have been a huge issue here in Indiana for years. The homestead tax credit has been the subject of many discussions and debates over the last few years…
Government Crackdown On Distracted Driving [Video]
Distracted driving has just become a huge priority for the Obama administration. They believe stronger laws at the state level and crackdowns by local law enforcement will prevent thousands of deaths and injuries caused by drivers using their smartphones and texting while driving.
Should A 40-Year-Old Shoplifting Charge Cost You Your Job? [Poll]
In today's job market, you have to be more careful than ever with regard to your past, errors on your resume and even your online and social network activity. I have a friend here in Evansville who recently lost his job because of a photo he had on his wall on Facebook that showed him drinking.…
Primary Day in Indiana: Where to go to Vote
Today is primary day in Indiana and hopefully by this point in the day you have gotten out there and cast your all important vote. If you haven’t you still have some time this evening after you get off work.
If you do not know where you can go to vote, here is a list of all 23 voting centers po…

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