Yesterday was a big day for President Obama with his second inauguration, but today, a few questions. My wife and I were watching the highlights of the day on the news last night and it struck us both how extravagant the celebration was with all of the pageantry that we - and the taxpayers pay for. I ask this question based on the current economic status of our country and wonder if the celebration is out of step with America. This has nothing to do with partisan politics because all of this pomp and circumstance happens on both sides of the aisle. Were we or were we not on the brink of financial disaster and ruin just a few short weeks ago when our country's leaders could not agree on a financial plan to keep us moving forward?

The Republicans wouldn't consider anything that came from the White House and the White House wouldn't agree to any of the compromises offered by the Republicans; it was a joke and hanging in the balance of all this back and forth - was you and I and our financial future.

My wife said it best last night when she pointed out that this is nothing more than Washington celebrating itself while the rest of us are struggling to pay bills, keep our jobs and feed our families. The cost of any Inaugural celebration is staggering and the tab for that is picked up by us.

You would think that given this country's current financial situation, somebody might have suggested scaling back the celebration because it just makes sense. The financial package that was finally passed before we fell off the fiscal cliff saw the end of some previous tax breaks for us. Our payroll taxes went up, we all have less in our paychecks as of January 15th and who knows what will happen to Healthcare and Social Security. Americans are scared for our futures and the futures of our children.

At the Congressional luncheon yesterday, they were serving lobster, bison and champagne; not to mention the unbelievable security measures it took to keep that celebration safe. It is a huge undertaking that maybe we can no longer afford.

While watching the coverage, it was hard not to feel like we were watching how incredibly out of touch with reality our government is. Yesterday's events just seemed to be very disproportionate to what is really happening in this country right now. Every president deserves to have their day to celebrate what they have accomplished, but at what cost?

We just felt like the celebration should have been a better reflection of the current state of our country because watching that, really makes me wonder if any of them REALLY get it. What do you think?