When Zac Brown Band first released their collaboration with pop icon Shawn Mendes, "Someone That I Used to Know," as a single, the group's frontman that the song was a "special track" that heralded a new direction for the band. In its new music video, "Someone That I Used to Know" expands on the song itself, telling a story of hope, healing and the importance of asking for help during difficult times.

In the video, we see scenes of a young man growing up: He plays football, enlists in the military and survives active duty overseas. Back home, he becomes isolated in the trauma of war and the trappings of stereotypical masculinity and toughness, plugging his grief with  a beer bottle instead of reaching out for help. However, at the end of the video, he gets by with the aid of others, and by learning to lean on his friends, family and girlfriend. Press play to watch the full video.

"'Someone I Used to Know is a touchpoint to remind people that they don't have to be alone in what they feel," explains Brown at the end of the video, adding that he has a personal connection to the song's theme of moving on from the person you used to be in favor of becoming the person that you are or want to become.

. "They're not alone, because pain and depression doesn't discriminate. This song is me facing that part of myself, of where I want to go and not where I've been," he continues. "I would encourage people that when they feel they have a need, or they have a voice that's telling them to face something, it's a sign of strength to ask for help and to face the things that are really hard. That's what defines you: Overcoming those things."

In addition to the new single, the Zac Brown Band is at work on a new studio project as they continue their Down the Rabbit Hole Live Tour into 2019.

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