The YWCA in Evansville has been a staple part of our community for over 100 years.  They work hard to make sure that women and children are empowered and have a safe place to go if needed.  They currently are working to fundraise for a new outdoor playground.

Landscape Structures/YWCA/PlayPros
Landscape Structures/YWCA/PlayPros

Something we may easily take for granted is getting to take the kids to play outside. Outside play is very important for childhood development, and the YWCA knows the impact outdoor play can have on a child.  Their playground is old and no longer fits their needs, so the YWCA is fundraising for a new playground.  The new playground will be state of the art and cost around $125,000 to build.  Mattingly Charities heard about the project and immediately hopped on board and will be matching every donation up to $25,000.


In a press release from the YWCA Don Mattingly had this to say about why getting Mattingly Charities involved in the project was so important:

“The YWCA has been a fixture in the Evansville community for over 100 years. During that time, they have served thousands of families who seek shelter at the YWCA to be safe from the streets or abusive homes. When we found out that the YWCA is in need of a new playground, we knew we had to be a part of this project.” - Don Mattingly , baseball legend and founder of Mattingly Charities

YWCA CEO Erika Taylor talked about the importance of this project stating:

Our decades old outdoor play space is not ideal for young children. The ground covering is uneven and missing in several places. The wood pieces of the play structure are warping and splitting despite continued maintenance. We envision a bright and colorful place where the children served by the YWCA can thrive and just be kids. The new playground will serve us for many years, benefitting thousands of children during its lifetime.

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This is absolutely a project I can see the Evansville community rallying behind, and with the donation match from Mattingly Charities, this one is sure to be knocked out of the park (pun intended)!  The YWCA hopes to have this project fully funded by the Fall of 2021, and I have no doubt the Evansville community will step up to help.   If you'd like to make a donation to help the YWCA build its new playground, you can donate online by clicking here. Or if you'd rather send a check you can make it payable to, YWCA Playground, and mail the check to 118 Vine St., Evansville, IN 47708.



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