How much your pet sheds has nothing to with the season and has everything to do with their primary light source...artificial or natural and whether they are primarily indoor or outdoor pets. If you are a pet lover and have a dog or a cat, you accept pet hair everywhere as part of owning a pet and simply try and keep it to a minimum. If you are not a pet lover and avoid going to a friend's house because of the excessive pet hair EVERYWHERE, you could learn something here to. First of all, shedding is perfectly normal.

Shedding occurs as a direct result of exposure to light and how much shedding depends on whether the light is sunlight or artificial light. Indoor pets usually shed constantly because of the constant exposure to artificial light.

Outdoor dogs and cats living in the northeastern United States for example tend to shed depending on the season. Controlling the shedding can be done by following a few simple tips from and like groom everyday and choose good grooming tools. For more tips, click here.

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