The Golden Globes are a lot of fun. The stars show up to the Beverly Hilton in their most beautiful clothes. The host makes some jokes, the alcohol flows, and invariably, by the end of the night, someone does something a little foolish. What’s not to love? It’s great.

It’s not great, though, when people invest too much importance in the Globes. The movies that are nominated for (and then win) these awards are selected by a mysterious group of “about 90” international journalists. Their identities are mostly secret and so are their tastes. Through the nearly 75-year history of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s awards, they have made some curious selections; in the gallery above we have collected 25 of their most head-scratching picks for Best Picture, either in the Drama or Musical / Comedy categories.

Some of their favorites have faded into obscurity. Others have lived on in infamy. Certainly, they’ve gotten many films right over the years (and certainly the Academy Awards’ record is by no means unblemished), but when you look through the history of the Golden Globes to prepare for this year’s ceremony, as I did this week, you see a lot of surprising names. So as we watch this weekend’s ceremony, and we try to impart meaning onto the films that win awards, let’s remember: Once upon a time, Home Alone was a nominee for Best Picture at the Golden Globes.

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