There's something fascinating about the era of gangsters. What that is, I'm not sure. Maybe it was their play-by-our-own-rules-and-take-what-we-want attitude that elicits a sense of freedom that we all consciously or sub-consciously wish we could do. Maybe it was the power they held, albeit through illegal means, that is appealing to us on some level. Or maybe, it's something as simple as the style of the times. The clothes, the swinging parties, and of course, the cars. For example, the one in the video above that was once owned by Al Capone that could be yours if you have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket.

The 1928 Cadillac is currently for sale through Celebrity Cars in Las Vegas. The rear-wheel drive vehicle with a cloth interior features a standard V8 engine with four-speed transmission, and only 1,111 miles. But it's the added modifications Capone had installed that make it unique. Behind the shiny black and green exterior sits over a ton of armor plating (3,000 pounds to be exact), nearly one-inch thick glass windows, and a rear window "rigged to drop quickly," presumably so passengers in the back could fire their Tommy Guns at whoever was trailing them. That's not all, according to Celebrity Cars, "The modified windows were also equipped such that the glass could be raised an extra inch or so, revealing a circular cutout large enough to accommodate the muzzle of a machine gun."

It sounds horrifying and in a weird way cool all at the same time.

The asking price for this piece of history is currently $1 million, however that price is negotiable if you plop down a $20,000 down payment first. Celebrity Cars says the vehicle is "in excellent cosmetic and running condition."

If you happen to have an extra million laying around to spend on this piece of history, visit the Celebrity Cars website to request more info and start the credit application process. If you don't have that kind of expendable income, you can at least take a look around the interior in the video above and let your imagination run wild. That's free.

[Source: Celebrity Cars]

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