There is a new season of Power Rangers in the works, and they are holding open auditions.

As a kid, I always dreamed of becoming a Power Ranger. What 90's child didn't?! Well now that dream can become a reality with open auditions for the new season. Power Rangers: Beast Morphers is the 26th season of the children's super hero show. You can see what the Rangers will look like from the teaser above (which is the Japanese version of the show).

Before I get too carried away, I first must crush some of your dreams. The show is looking for any ethnicity, young adults between 18 and 25 to portray High School students. Which means that I am too old to audition...and  you might be too. Trust me, I got my hopes up that the boyhood dream might be able to come true for me. Not that I would get the role anyway, because they are also looking for super heroes with a strong athletic skill such as MARTIAL ARTS, DANCE, ACROBATICS or GYMNASTICS. Acting experience is a plus, but not required. The only skill that I posses IS acting...can't they just use a stunt double for all of that other jazz?!

However, if you fit that description, you can easily audition for the show and I can live vicariously through you! Below you will find the details on how you can submit your audition to become an actual Power Ranger. Good luck!



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