This is really cool, you can rent audio books through the library, all through an app on your phone, and it's free! 

stack of books on the shelf

Recently my husband and I got library cards to the EVPL, and we've since rented a few books. Now he's much more of a reader than I am, but part of that's because I struggle to sit still. So I find myself enjoying Podcasts because I can listen to interesting stories, but still also be doing things like getting work done, or cleaning around the house. I even like to listen to podcasts when I'm at the gym.

But I always wish I had more time to read books, there's many I want to read, but I can never find the time unless I'm travelling. So I've been wanting to check out audiobooks. Well he told me about an app you can download where you can rent audio books through the library right on your phone!

The app is called Overdrive you download it, then  choose which library you belong to plug in your library card info and your pin number.

Then this page pops up

OverDrive App
OverDrive App

You can also browse literally thousands of books, in fact EVPL has over 88,000 books you can rent.


You can scroll through all the different subjects, you can search for a title you're looking for and then instantly it's on your phone and ready to be played (as long as it's available), and just like a library book, you get it for a certain amount of time, and then it goes back to the library.

Pretty cool right?!

I'm excited to get to "reading!"

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