If you love to travel, but don't seem to do it as much because of money, this is the gig of a lifetime!

Anheuser-Busch is looking for a CEO for one of its brands –with a particular job description. When I say "CEO", I mean Chief Exploration Officer for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold. You might be curious what the position of Chief Exploration Officer entails, well for starters, according to their website, you’ll get an office with the best view, beer, and get to travel for work...a lot.

The job description of Chief Exploration Officer be tasked traveling the country, visiting national parks, and capturing the views along the way. Of course, you will be repping Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold along the way. According to the website,

As CEO, you’ll head out on an epic journey in your CEO camper van equipped with its own bathroom and shower. Don’t worry about gas money, that’s on us.
During the 6-month period, the CEO will travel through some of the country’s most iconic landscapes, exploring the natural beauty of America and stopping to capture photos of some breathtaking national parks.

Oh, and you can bring a plus one along for the journey, so you won't be lonely on this road trip. You can see the travel plan here. It looks pretty awesome! We're talking about visiting places like Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and Sequoia to name a few.

So what are the qualifications for this dream job? Michelob says they are looking for someone with "a deep appreciation for nature, the willingness to hike to the perfect photo opp, and the ability to capture engaging content for social media. Oh, and a love of beer, of course." It should also be noted that you must be 21+ years old and have a valid US driver’s license.

Michelob says the job pays $50,000 plus expenses, and is taking applications on its website through the end of the month.

The last day to enter is Sept. 30, but why would you want to hold off on applying for a job like this? Do it now, and let me be your plus one!

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