Everyone loves a good NERF war, right? I think we all can agree that the worst part of a Nerf war is picking up all of those darts afterwards.

We used to have NERF wars in the dorm in college. The floor would be covered in darts and we always made the losing team pick them up. Now, I see how my girlfriend's son, Blake likes to play with his NERF guns. He loves it. The only problem is, he doesn't want to pick up the darts after he gets done. Let's be honest though, no kid or adult wants to pick up all of those darts.

Oddly enough, Blake enjoys vacuuming the house. He will sometimes beg to vacuum. So when I found out that NERF makes a NERF Dart Vacuum, I saw an opportunity to combine his love for vacuuming and his hatred for picking up his NERF darts.

Amazon via NERF

The NERF Elite Dart Rover lets you pick up up to 100 NERF darts at once, just by rolling it over your carpet or hardwood flooring.  There is a mesh bag attached to it that collects all of the darts making it easier to dump them into a container to store all of your NERF ammo.

Amazon via NERF

The NERF Elite Dart Rover has an easy-to-use adjustable handle on it making it fit for kids of all ages (and adults too). The vacuum is made for indoor use only and works well on all flooring. This is something you will want to add to you or your child's NERF collection. It will make clean up so much faster, and you won't have to keep bending down to pick up each dart individually. The NERF Elite Dart Rover does all of the work for you!

Amazon via NERF

It's available for purchase on Amazon for $29.99, which is cheaper than most NERF guns. Plus, if it makes life easier and your house less messier, it's totally worth it!

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