Indiana has finally passed a law allowing Hoosiers to purchase take out alcohol on Sundays, however there's still one odd thing you can't purchase on Sundays! 


Have you ever noticed all the car dealerships in Indiana are closed on Sundays?  Well there's a reason for that! Did you know in Indiana it's ILLEGAL to purchase a CAR on Sundays?  Yep, you read that, it's illegal to sell a car on Sundays. Whoda thunk??

There's actually a really weird reason why!

Basically you can thank "blue laws" for the reason we haven't been able to purchase alcohol on Sunday's in Indiana (until now!) and the reason it's illegal to sell a car on Sundays. Blue laws are essentially laws that prohibit leisurely activities on Sunday's for one reason or another.

A long time ago it was made illegal to sell cars on Sunday's and now the dealerships aren't fighitng it because they too want to have a day off work, and with them all being closed on Sunday they don't have to worry about the competition, so that's why they aren't fighting it. If you'd like you can check out a super in depth reason behind this law, here.

So your short, sweet, condensed version is this:  No car sales on Sunday because a long long time ago people wanted to keep Sunday's a day of rest.

Indiana, you my friend are an interesting state!


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